carValoo - Installing trust in vehicles

carValoo is a digital service for fleet operators offered by thyssenkrupp. carValoo provides access to a full, independent digital usage history of every mile driven by a vehicle. carValoo is manufacturer-independent and creates transparency from the first mile to the last.

Vehicles driven by different users often suffer damage that cannot be assigned to a particular person. Especially for car sharing providers, taxi firms and car and commercial vehicle rental or lease companies, it is costly and often impossible to trace non-reported damage to a particular user. carValoo reliably detects damage and records unusual vehicle use, ultimately resulting in reduced deductible costs.

Who was carValoo developed for?

Für wen wurde carValoo entwickelt?

carValoo offers numerous financial and organizational advantages: The transparency of the usage history enables customers to assess vehicle depreciation in monetary terms on the basis of real driving data. carValoo supports fleet managers in identifying wear and tear or damage directly and in handling claim management efficiently. In this way, improper use can be identified and the offenders held accountable.

How does carValoo work?

Der Fitnesstracker für jedes Auto: Wie funktioniert carValoo?

The heart of carValoo is a small retrofittable sensor box. It provides reliable and very accurate data for a complete history and analysis of vehicle usage. Sensors precisely record the accelerations and rotational movements of the vehicle. These signals allow conclusions to be drawn about driving style and also provide information about damage. Each event has a digital fingerprint. In-house developed algorithms evaluate the data. The carValoo algorithm was trained using machine learning, understanding how to precisely evaluate data on the basis of real measured values - for example from parking bumps. Customers are able to access the status of a vehicle via an app anywhere at any time.

What can carValoo do?

Was kann carValoo?

carValoo makes it faster, simpler and more objective to trace who caused the damage. With the help of carValoo, damage and vehicle misuse, such as parking bumps, accidents or off-road driving, can be directly attributed to the person responsible. Sensors ensure accurate identification of time, location, type and class of damage. This information allows damage to be traced back to those who caused it, resulting in significant cost savings in terms of deductibles.

How can I use carValoo?

Wie kann ich carValoo nutzen?

The sensors can be installed independently in the vehicle by the customer. The solution is independent of the vehicle electronics and can be installed quickly and easily within 10 minutes. The carValoo team is ready to assist with individual installation training.

What can the carValoo app do?

Was kann die carValoo App?

The mobile carValoo app enables fleet and claim managers to keep a constant eye on the condition of their vehicle fleet and to learn automatically of any damage that occurs. With the help of the carValoo app, the process of damage detection, assessment and documentation can also be carried out completely digitally and largely automatically. Technicians can also use the app to log additional information about the damage, including photos.


Our solution can also be used in lease and rental vehicles, taxis or commercially used delivery vans. If you need more transparency about driving behavior in your fleet, we are the right partner for you. We will be happy to advise you and offer you individual demonstrations.

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