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With the carValoo brand, thyssenkrupp offers a digital service for fleet operators. This enables an independent and complete digital usage history to be viewed for every kilometer driven. The service is manufacturer-independent, can be retrofitted and creates transparency from the first to the last kilometer.

Vehicles driven by different users often suffer damage that cannot be attributed specifically to them. Especially for car sharing providers, taxi companies, car and commercial vehicle rentals or lessors, it is costly and often unsuccessful to allocate unrecorded damage to a user and thus to get it reimbursed according to the causer. Our service reliably detects damage and records unusual use of vehicles. In this way, the cost of deductibles for fleet operators in the event of vehicle damage can be significantly reduced.

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Who was carValoo developed for?

carValoo offers advantages for fleet managers

For fleet managers, there are numerous financial and organizational advantages in damage detection and damage management: the transparency of the usage history enables our customers to evaluate the wear and tear of a vehicle on a monetary basis on the basis of real driving data. carValoo supports fleet managers in identifying wear and tear or damage directly and in controlling damage management efficiently. In this way, improper use can be identified and the polluters held responsible.

How does our "fitness tracker for the car" work?

carValoo is a fitness tracker for cars that works with a Telematik sensor box

At the heart of carValoo are the algorithms that can reliably identify any type of utility or damage pattern from high-precision vehicle movement data. Every event experienced by a vehicle has a digital fingerprint: a parking manoeuvre has a different digital fingerprint than the slamming of a specific door, a left turn leads to different data than a hasty braking manoeuvre. The algorithms recognize and evaluate these events and provide fleet operators with valuable information about damage and actual and historic vehicle use. The algorithms of carValoo are based on machine learning and pattern recognition and have been trained on the basis of real measured values - e.g. from parking meters.To record the data, carValoo uses a small retrofittable IoT sensor box. This provides reliable and very accurate movement and position data of the vehicle. The specially developed telematics box is vehicle-independent and is not based on an OBDII/OBD2 or CAN bus solution. If required, suitable OBDII/OBD2 or CAN bus solutions can also be linked to the cloud service.

What can carValoo do for you?

carValoo makes it faster, simpler and more objective to trace who caused the damage

The service makes the tracing of damage causes more effective, more objective and faster. The algorithms recognize all events and motion states of the vehicle and provide the customer with precise information about time, location, type, intensity and the course of damage. This means that damage and vehicle misuse, such as parking bumps, accidents or (unauthorized) off-road driving, are directly attributable to their perpetrators, which means that companies can achieve significant cost savings in terms of deductibles and maintenance costs.

How can I use carValoo?

The carValoo telematics sensor box

The telematics sensors are a manufacturer-independent retrofit solution and can be installed independently by the customer in the vehicle. The solution is independent of the vehicle electronics and can be installed quickly and easily within 10 minutes. Our team is ready for you with individual installation training.If you decide for the use with existing partner boxes, possibly already installed, also this small expenditure is void.

What can the carValoo app do?

The mobile carValoo app shows the condition of fleet cars

The mobile app enables fleet and damage managers to keep an eye on the condition of their vehicle fleet at all times and to be informed ad hoc and automatically of any damage that occurs. With the help of the app, the process of loss recognition, evaluation and documentation can also be carried out completely digitally and as automatically as possible. Technicians can also use the application to log the real damage in the app with additional information such as photos.Many other solutions are possible and conceivable, such as marketing analyses, verification of other data sources and customer-specific analyses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our solution can also be used in lease and rental vehicles, taxis or commercially used delivery vans. If you need more transparency about driving behavior in your fleet, we are the right partner for you. We will be happy to advise you and offer you individual demonstrations.

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