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we build trust and cut cost with advanced damage detection & smart fleet analytics

carValoo adds value

Our Solutions.

Damage & Misuse Detection

carValoo offers automated and entirely digitized damage detection. Fast, precise and reliable damage allocation & assessment.

  • Eliminate your cost of unassigned damages

  • Reduce claims management process costs

  • Minimize inspections, increase uptime & safety

  • Get a proven solution (>1.5 million km at customers)

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Additional Services

 Fleet tracking & daily usage reports
Real-time transparency on vehicle useage and location gives you full control over your fleet.

 Driving style & user behaviour
Driving style identification encourages green & safe driving to reduce vehicle wear and fuel cost. User behavior analytics identify patterns and anticipate future usage to maximize utilisation.

 Predictive Maintenance
Notifications on malfunctions and vehicle states such as tire pressure, oil, fuel level, battery, and due service help you increase safety & uptime and reduce cost of inspections & maintenance.

 Vehicle & fleet statistics
AI Analysis identifies condition & wear of each vehicle and creates a seamless digital report about every kilometer to increase the residual value of your vehicles. In addition we customize our advanced analytics and statistics to fulfil your specific need in order to add maximum value to your business.
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How does carValoo work?

Our Technology.

The heart of carValoo's technology is our cloud-based IoT platform which collects data from the telematics units in the vehicles and transforms it into value adding information provided to you via customer app or API.

Telematics Unit

Our telematics unit is equipped with high resolution sensors to detect even the smallest damages. It collects data and sends it to our cloud-based IoT platform.

  • Proven hardware & communication

  • Reliable & secure

  • Cross-brand compatibility to cover all vehicles of your fleet

  • carValoo is modular, so all solutions can be adapted to other telematics hardware meeting security & performance requirements

IoT Platform & Data Analytics

Our cloud-based platform uses advanced data analytics & AI to identify the incidents that are relevant for you. So you don’t get tons of data but exactly the information you need to add value to your business.

  • AI algorithms for precise damage detection that continuously learn and improve

  • Proven platform for reliable operation

  • Many additional analytics services available to add more value to your fleet

  • carValoo is flexible, so all analytics insights can be tailored to suit your business needs

Customer App

Our app is customized to your business needs and gives you full control over your fleet from any device. Alternatively our services can be integrated into your existing tools via API.

  • Full control over your fleet from any device

  • carValoo gives you the choice: Use our App (mobile and web) or integrate via our API

Why carValoo?

carValoo Adds Value.

carValoo Cuts Cost

  • Eliminate your cost of non-assignable damages with our damage & misuse detection

  • Streamline your claim management process with our automatically generated damage reports

  • Increase vehicle utilization with our fleet analytics services

  • Reduce cost of service & inspection with our predictive maintenance service

carValoo Builds Trust

  • Encourage safe driving with our user behavior analytics

  • Increase vehicle safety and uptime with our predictive maintenance service

  • Raise residual value of your fleet with our digital report on each vehicles condition

  • All solutions are GDPR compliant, no processing of personal data

carValoo Serves You

  • We are fast & flexible to adapt our services to your needs

  • We offer cross brand solutions to cover your whole fleet

  • Our products are modular so you have the choice: Enjoy one stop service or integrate into your existing tools

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About us.

carValoo is a group company of thyssenkrupp AG. We are dedicated to add value to your fleet by offering digital services such as advanced damage detection and smart fleet analytics.

Our heritage. As part of thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology vehicle dynamics & high tech automotive components have always been in our DNA. When we added advanced machine learning and AI, carValoo was born.