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Native to Liechtenstein. At home on the world's streets. If you have any questions regarding your entry into one of our foreign locations, an HR contact person from the respective location will be happy to assist you.

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Engineer and technician at thyssenkrupp

Whether you would like to join our team as a specialist with technical or commercial experience, as an engineer or as a manager with an economic background: you can expect attractive tasks in a friendly environment, many opportunities for further development and the support of an internationally successful technology group.

Engineer at thyssenkrupp

Find your position - in the thyssenkrupp Steering team. Your professional experience will find a wide range of new professional challenges in our global job board. Choose the job that suits you best.

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We offer you, as a university graduate, an innovative environment where you can develop your talents and build your career. Whether trainee program or direct entry - we will accompany you on your way right from the start.

Direct entry

Application at thyssenkrupp

The university has given you a sound theoretical foundation - now is your time to take on responsibility and get ready to embark on your professional future. Would you like to expand the knowledge you have learned as quickly as possible and develop your professional skills over the next few years? Then the direct entry at thyssenkrupp Steering is just the thing for you. It goes without saying that our new employees receive a detailed systematic introduction into our product world as well as to the processes and structures of our company. This is how we help you to develop your potential in the best possible way and welcome you into our team.

Trainee program

Trainees and traineeprogram at thyssenkrupp

The comprehensive view of your specialist area. Now that you've recently graduated from university, many doors are open to you. The trainee program is one of the most interesting and exciting programs. The 15-month trainee program is tailored to your personality and special skills as well as to your future position. This way, you will be ideally prepared for your responsibilities within the group.

The highlight here: not only do you discover the many facets of your functional area, you also acquire invaluable insight into the interfaces. This will make you a competent all-rounder who can quickly demonstrate initiative and assume responsibility. In addition, we will offer you the opportunity to spend approximately six to twelve weeks abroad, where you will have the opportunity to expand your intercultural competence and language skills, experience foreign cultures and successfully operate in them.

And what do direct entry and the trainee program have in common? As is the case in all divisions of thyssenkrupp Steering, attractive tasks are waiting for you which you will master in a team.

So, after you graduate, come and join us and become a leading key player in attractive projects from day one. How? Quite simple: Choose your preferred field of study from the entry-level positions on our global job board and apply for a promising and diversified future.

Get a glimpse of the working world in an internship, start your future career as a working student or enhance your thesis with specific practical experience. It's your choice.

Internship/student trainee activity

Working student at thyssenkrupp

Gain some initial insights

An internship at thyssenkrupp Steering gives you the opportunity to verify what you have learned, using real facts and put it into new context. You will experience our experts and managers in their daily work, contribute your knowledge, skills and personality and make interesting contacts. In addition to preparatory technical internships (8 weeks), we also offer internships during your studies. You should usually plan 6 months for an internship with us (except for workshop internships). After completing a successful internship, you will have the opportunity to continue working with us on a part-time basis during your studies. In addition to commitment, motivation and curiosity, you should have a healthy amount of enthusiasm for teamwork. A valid confirmation of enrolment from your university is a prerequisite for the employment as an intern or working student.

Final thesis

Student with mentor at thyssenkrupp

Would you like to complete your studies with a thesis on a practical topic, gain insight into a renowned company and make contacts for starting your professional career? Excellent, then we would like to offer you competent support. Whether you're writing your bachelor's, master's or dissertation, you can play an active role at thyssenkrupp Steering, especially when it comes to technology, research and development. Surprise your professors with unique insights. And become an expert yourself.

You already have a topic? Then contact us or send us your application directly with your proposed topic via our initiative pool for undergraduate students. Our contact persons are looking forward to your suggestions and will be happy to inform you about the individual support options.

You can find specific professional requirements and the internship conditions in the respective job postings or simply ask the contact person listed below.

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Integrated degree program

Student during vacation job at thyssenkrupp

Want to combine practical work in a company with lectures at university after leaving school? At thyssenkrupp Steering/thyssenkrupp Presta AG you can. Your advantage: Between theory phases your course includes regular practical blocks, allowing you to apply what you have learned directly to your work and be part of the team right from the start.

Electrical Engineering Dual Program - FH Vorarlberg

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Training is a solid foundation for your career

Apprentice at thyssenkrupp

We offer sound, practice-oriented apprenticeship programs in 9 different occupations. thyssenkrupp Steering/thyssenkrupp Presta AG currently employs 102 apprentices. The training program will be held at the headquarters training center in Eschen (FL) and in Oberegg (CH). 12 vocational trainers and more than 100 supervisors in the departments ensure the high standard of training at thyssenkrupp Steering/thyssenkrupp Presta AG.

Most of our apprentices remain in our company even after their apprenticeship and have various opportunities to qualify through continuing education measures for further attractive tasks in our company.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a technical, manual or commercial profession: At thyssenkrupp Steering/thyssenkrupp Presta AG, you will be well-received in the professional world. On our career page for apprentices you will find insights into the various professions: Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp in Liechtenstein

Trial internship

Student internship at thyssenkrupp

A trial internship gives you exciting insights into the world of thyssenkrupp Steering. You are welcome to explore one of our 9 professional fields and learn early how important certain skills and knowledge are for your future professional career. Tap into your personal interests and talents in practice. So, if you want to take your first step into the working world, simply get in touch with the vocational trainer of your desired occupation. You can find the contact details in the information sheet of the corresponding job description.

Holiday Job

You want to get a first idea of the automotive industry and earn some extra money at the same time? If we can support you in gaining experience and impressions for your future career choice, then we are happy to do so. Applications for a holiday job at the headquarters of thyssenkrupp Presta AG in Eschen/Principality of Liechtenstein must be submitted online from January 2024. After the application deadline of April 30th applications will unfortunately no longer be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Lucero Miranda at +423 377 6674.

Apply online

Information about our recruiting process.

You can inform yourself about vacant positions on a daily basis in our job board. Choose your entry level, your functional area and the desired location - and you have all available jobs at a glance. You can easily save interesting positions for up to a week. We can show you jobs near you with our job map. You can also access it when you're on the move, because we optimized it for your smartphone. Additional filters help you to narrow down your search.

There are various ways to apply to thyssenkrupp. The fastest way is via our online applicant management system. The advantages: We can react promptly to your application – and you save costs and time. Start the online application process by clicking the corresponding button in the job advertisement of your choice. Once you have written your cover letter and résumé, you will need a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the application form.

Please note our privacy policy when submitting your application via the online form sheet.

The option to apply to us via video opens up a whole new dimension. Rather than being limited to just the CV, this allows applicants to showcase their personality, passion and skills in a more comprehensive way. It provides space to share the individual story and motivation behind the application. However, the video application is optional - we are still happy to receive written applications.

1. A good application usually includes the following documents

  • Cover letter, résumé and a certificate of the highest level of educational qualification
  • If available: job references and relevant further education certificates
  • Attachment directory - for many documents

2. Your meaningful cover letter

Take the time to introduce yourself. In your cover letter, please provide us with a brief overview of yourself and your motives: Which job are you applying for? Why are you interested in this job? Why are you particularly suitable for this position?

The cover letter should complement the information in the résumé and not simply repeat it. This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself, address gaps and demonstrate your interest.

Here are some tips on how to compose an appealing cover letter:

  • Specify one or two key details from your résumé.
  • Focus on addressing the following questions:
    • 1. Why are you interested in this position?
    • 2. To what extent do you qualify for this position?
    • 3. Why should we hire you?
  • You should align your cover letter with the position or program you are applying for and check twice that the names and positions are correct.

3. Your current résumé

  • Create the résumé in tabular form.
  • Start with your last job.
  • Limit yourself to a few meaningful sub-items for each job.
  • Use a common format and an easy-to-read font, such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Try to limit your résumé to 1-2 pages.
  • Avoid gaps in your résumé and have an explanation ready.
  • Limit yourself to relevant information.

4. Make sure you comply with standards!

  • Carefully check your documents for formulation and spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure the structure is clear and easy to read.
  • Make sure that to provide high quality copies and that they are sorted in reverse chronological order.
  • Observe the usual rules for written correspondence (e.g. paragraphs, line spacing, font sizes).
  • For online and e-mail applications, only attach files that can be opened on any standard computer. Ideally, you should convert all Word documents into PDF documents before sending them. They should not exceed 5 MB.

5. Have we sparked your interest?

  • Mention relevant hobbies or personal interests in your résumé.
  • In your cover letter, inspire the reader to want to learn more about you.
  • Focus on the essentials. The application should not seem cluttered.
  • Tell us why your involvement in the company should be valuable to us.
  • Offer us points of contact for an interview.

6. Be unique!

Using social media, you reveal information about your life, your views and your personality. Depending on the posts, this may be good or bad for your job search. Our tip: Use these platforms specifically for your own marketing. Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Co. can help you attract the attention of potential employers and contacts.

Do you travel a lot, play chess passionately or analyze the stock market in your spare time? Perfect! Do you have a soft spot for math, languages or IT? All the better! Show your strengths and interests to the outside world - in the form of posts, comments and virtual résumés. Use LinkedIn or Xing, for example, to promote your professional qualifications to the public.

Network! The more you network with other users, the more easily you can be found on the World Wide Web. Make more and more contacts - professional as well as private - and establish connections to people all over the world. LinkedIn and Xing offer you the fantastic opportunity to connect with users from various industries and functions in a professional environment. It may even allow you to contact with a potential employer soon.

What happens after you submit your application?

Our recruiters follow a clearly structured process when reviewing your documents. Among other things, this depends on whether you are applying for an open position or unsolicited. We will give you a brief overview here so that you know more about what happens after your application:

After we have received your application, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt. From that point, please have a little patience. After all, we process your application just as carefully as you have formulated it. The entire application process - from the first contact to hopefully a positive message for you - takes between six and eight weeks on average.

The telephone interview/application interview:

Your application has impressed us: Now we would like to get to know you personally and find out more about you, your career and the reasons why you are applying. For you, the telephone interview is your opportunity to form an accurate picture of our company and the job you are interested in. Please note the following:

  • Introduce yourself and show us that you are professionally and personally suitable for "your" position. Convince us with your qualifications and knowledge of the industry as well as current developments and trends.
  • Good preparation gives you security. You should also be able to answer questions: Your résumé (including possible phases requiring explanation), your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reasons why you applied.
  • You emphasize with your professional appearance that you are perfectly suited for the job. This includes punctuality and appropriate clothing. Please familiarize yourself in good time with the directions, travel time, parking facilities and locations.

This is what defines us. This is what we stand for.

Employee group photo of thyssenkrupp

At thyssenkrupp Steering we are all committed to sustainable engineering solutions and are convinced that together we can achieve the best result. A corporate culture with shared values such as team spirit, open communication, motivation, success orientation and respectful dealings with colleagues, customers, investors and competitors is a key success factor.

We are one generation. All employees at thyssenkrupp Steering. Worldwide. But not just any, but the #GENERATIONTK - regardless of gender, age and function, whether in administration or production. We are: 11,000 people with ideas for the technologies of the future. 11,000 people with commitment and passion. 11,000 personalities with a story of their own. We promote diversity and uniqueness. In every team. What we all have in common at #GENERATIONTK? The will to move things forward. We've always done it like that? Definitely not. We want to do better. We like to develop ourselves together, take on responsibility and have fun at work - no matter what gender, age or function, whether in administration or production. Our down-to-earth informal culture, our open-door policy and, our fascination for technology, our will to succeed and our concentrated expertise create an atmosphere in which ideas do not remain ideas, but finding their way to the streets.

What our employees appreciate about us

Good ideas, a spirit of innovation and commitment are worth more than can be expressed in numbers. thyssenkrupp Steering offers extremely fair offers in order to recognize the achievements of our employees, motivate them and allow them freedom for their private lives.

Your benefits:


Employees joggingEmployees jogging

The health of our employees is our top priority. Our occupational health and safety management plays a key role here. The focus is on preventive health protection by means of ergonomic workstations, fruit days, WEFit – our in-house fitness center – and other flexible offerings in the area of health and prevention: With a wide range of health services, we ensure that a healthy mind can reside in a healthy body.


Employee during a medical examinationEmployee during a medical examination

We focus on the individual. Anyone who works at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology should be safe and sound and return home. This is our top priority and we work on ensuring it every day. We want to reduce the number of accidents by systematically eliminating unsafe conditions and actions. Our vision is very clear: "Zero accidents". Our objective is to continuously improve safety, conditions and thus well-being at the workplace.


Our aim is to ensure your financial security by offering fair and flexible working conditions and competitive remuneration. We recognize performance and encourage employee motivation, while you can benefit from various benefit programs such as our mobility program.


Flower seed in the handFlower seed in the hand

Respectful cooperation with our employees and partners is paramount in everything we do. We are aware of our corporate social responsibility, present ourselves as a fair business partner and support a wide range of sociopolitical initiatives. We also invest heavily in consistent environmental protection measures and resource efficiency. And: At thyssenkrupp Steering we aim to make our production completely climate-neutral by 2024.

Further education

Employee presenting on a flipchartEmployee presenting on a flipchart

Your entry is only the first step. We have firmly anchored your advancement in our personnel development guidelines. Both on and off the job, our teams, as well as each employee, receive individual interdisciplinary development.

Our training focuses: Quality management, management development and the promotion of intercultural understanding. But technical training and seminars on occupational safety, health management and environmental protection are also in demand - and not just among engineers.

In addition, we invest indirectly in the know-how of our employees: We promote the acquisition of further qualifications, for example through part-time study models. In addition, the principle of job rotation gives specialized employees the opportunity to discover new areas and locations and thus unimagined potential in themselves.

Retirement plan

Wooden loungerWooden lounger

There's one thing you won't have to worry about in retirement: Your financial security. With our own pension fund foundation, we offer our employees very good and extra-mandatory coverage in the area of retirement provision.

Work Life Balance

Stone scaleStone scale

A buzzword that is often a requirement – but the individual balance depends on the personal circumstances and preferences of each individual. There are as many lifestyles as there are people at thyssenkrupp Steering. We design a working environment that gives our employees the freedom to strike the right balance between their private and professional lives. We offer flexible working time such as flexitime or home office days, as well as part-time employment models, because we know friends and family are a valuable part of our employees' lives.

The option of working from home promotes concentrated work processes and strategic planning. It provides flexibility and supports the balance between work and personal life.

We also offer various workspaces - from quiet meeting rooms to silent boxes.


Employee gives a presentation to colleaguesEmployee gives a presentation to colleagues

Integrating new employees is a core part of our recruiting and selection process, and experience shows that it takes around three months. The signing of your contract marks the beginning of your career with one of the world's largest corporations, which nevertheless presents itself to you in a very personal way. This means that we will accompany you very intensively from your very first step.

The first steps are most pleasant with a responsible person who introduces you step by step. You will get to know your colleagues and their projects in small rounds of introductions, and you will be provided with working materials. From day one, you will feel the responsibility you are being given.

Part of our comprehensive induction program for new employees is the Welcome Day, which you will attend with other new colleagues. You will be introduced by various experts from different areas and receive helpful input, which will contribute to a successful start in the company. During a tour, you will get to know the company premises and production. At lunch, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with your new colleagues.

All this is designed to give you the tools you need for a successful start to your new duties.

We are also happy to support new employees who are relocating to the region.


Hand circle of diverse employees

We and our employees are diverse. This diversity is reflected in gender, age, origin, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, identity, experience and life models. We value the diversity of our employees and encourage it, because we firmly believe that this makes us more successful. Numerous studies confirm that diverse teams are more successful, innovative, creative and productive. Diversity & Inclusion management is an integral part of our HR policy.

Therefore we welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation and identity. We are clearly against discrimination and in favor of integration and tolerance. We have been PROUTEMPLOYER since 2016 and are committed to creating a working environment that is open, tolerant and constructive for all people at thyssenkrupp.

More information on the principles of social responsibility in labor relations in the thyssenkrupp Group can be found in our  Code of Conduct.


Being part of a dynamic team and a "you" culture characterized by openness, active participation and teamwork underlines the strong cohesion at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology. Regular team and company events bring us together and unite us.

Our matrix structure enables a flat hierarchy. This structure promotes open communication and efficient collaboration across different departments. It enables quick decisions and flexible adaptation to changing requirements. By facilitating collaboration in teams, it also encourages personal responsibility and promotes innovation through the exchange of different perspectives.

Read more about People & Culture from our employees.

Open feedback culture

We stand for an open feedback culture and take feedback seriously. We want to listen and learn. Preferably in direct contact. Or in our regular employee surveys/pulse checks. But for those who prefer to give feedback online, thyssenkrupp encourages everyone to use review portals such as kununu or Glassdoor. The honest feedback from our candidates and employees tells us how they perceive thyssenkrupp and how we can improve. And sometimes we can just be proud - thanks to their feedback.


Become part of the #GENERATIONTK and apply now!

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