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Efficiency instead of emissions. Electrical steel instead of injectors. If the mobility of tomorrow is what drives you, we can offer you the right challenge. Because we are looking for engineers and IT project managers, mechatronics technicians and fitters, programmers and product managers. You are the ones who will make the mobility of the future possible.

What makes us the top address for your professional future? We are already one of the leading suppliers and engineering partners to the international automotive industry. And no less than nine out of ten premium vehicles are equipped with our components.

We not only build camshafts and cylinder head modules; we also produce rotor shafts for electric motors and supply materials for lightweight vehicles and high-performance electric drives. Our steering systems – such as steer-by-wire – make automated and autonomous driving possible, and our intelligent chassis systems increase passenger comfort.

We don't want to stand still – because if you want to progress, you have to get things moving. Let's explore the future of mobility together! Discover your career opportunities and exciting automotive jobs at #GENERATIONTK! Here you can find our jobs in the automotive industry.

We are Automotive Technology

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Upheaval, transformation, revolution. The automotive industry is currently undergoing radical change. We see challenge as opportunity. Because we have the unique opportunity to completely rethink the automobile and the mobility of the future.

Over 80 percent of our total sales come from products unrelated to the internal combustion engine. So we are ready for change, the future, and new ideas. You too? Then come on – get involved! Because we have room for your ideas, whether in production or administration. We want to become even more innovative, digital and agile. Preferably together with you. To improve our processes and develop the technologies of the future. Regardless of age, origin or gender: What counts for us is the desire to make a difference.

Top employer – What makes thyssenkrupp special

Retirement plan

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There's one thing you won't have to worry about in retirement: Your financial security. With our own pension fund foundation, we offer our employees very good and extra-mandatory coverage in the area of retirement provision.


Employees joggingEmployees jogging

The health of our employees is our top priority. Our occupational health and safety management plays a key role here. The focus is on preventive health protection by means of ergonomic workstations, fruit days, WEFit – our in-house fitness center – and other flexible offerings in the area of health and prevention: With a wide range of health services, we ensure that a healthy mind can reside in a healthy body.


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Respectful cooperation with our employees and partners is paramount in everything we do. We are aware of our corporate social responsibility, present ourselves as a fair business partner and support a wide range of sociopolitical initiatives. We also invest heavily in consistent environmental protection measures and resource efficiency. And: At thyssenkrupp Steering we aim to make our production completely climate-neutral by 2024.


Employee gives a presentation to colleaguesEmployee gives a presentation to colleagues

Integrating new employees is a core part of our recruiting and selection process, and experience shows that it takes around three months. The signing of your contract marks the beginning of your career with one of the world's largest corporations, which nevertheless presents itself to you in a very personal way. This means that we will accompany you very intensively from your very first step.

The first steps are most pleasant with a responsible person who introduces you step by step. You will get to know your colleagues and their projects in small rounds of introductions, and you will be provided with working materials. From day one, you will feel the responsibility you are being given.

Part of our comprehensive induction program for new employees is the Welcome Day, which you will attend with other new colleagues. You will be introduced by various experts from different areas and receive helpful input, which will contribute to a successful start in the company. During a tour, you will get to know the company premises and production. At lunch, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with your new colleagues.

All this is designed to give you the tools you need for a successful start to your new duties.

We are also happy to support new employees who are relocating to the region.


Employee during a medical examinationEmployee during a medical examination

We focus on the individual. Anyone who works at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology should be safe and sound and return home. This is our top priority and we work on ensuring it every day. We want to reduce the number of accidents by systematically eliminating unsafe conditions and actions. Our vision is very clear: "Zero accidents". Our objective is to continuously improve safety, conditions and thus well-being at the workplace.


Hand circle of diverse employees

We and our employees are diverse. This diversity is reflected in gender, age, origin, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, identity, experience and life models. We value the diversity of our employees and encourage it, because we firmly believe that this makes us more successful. Numerous studies confirm that diverse teams are more successful, innovative, creative and productive. Diversity & Inclusion management is an integral part of our HR policy.

Therefore we welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation and identity. We are clearly against discrimination and in favor of integration and tolerance. We have been PROUTEMPLOYER since 2016 and are committed to creating a working environment that is open, tolerant and constructive for all people at thyssenkrupp.

More information on the principles of social responsibility in labor relations in the thyssenkrupp Group can be found in our  Code of Conduct.

Further education

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Your entry is only the first step. We have firmly anchored your advancement in our personnel development guidelines. Both on and off the job, our teams, as well as each employee, receive individual interdisciplinary development.

Our training focuses: Quality management, management development and the promotion of intercultural understanding. But technical training and seminars on occupational safety, health management and environmental protection are also in demand - and not just among engineers.

In addition, we invest indirectly in the know-how of our employees: We promote the acquisition of further qualifications, for example through part-time study models. In addition, the principle of job rotation gives specialized employees the opportunity to discover new areas and locations and thus unimagined potential in themselves.

Work Life Balance

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A buzzword that is often a requirement – but the individual balance depends on the personal circumstances and preferences of each individual. There are as many lifestyles as there are people at thyssenkrupp Steering. We design a working environment that gives our employees the freedom to strike the right balance between their private and professional lives. We offer flexible working time such as flexitime or home office days, as well as part-time employment models, because we know friends and family are a valuable part of our employees' lives.

The option of working from home promotes concentrated work processes and strategic planning. It provides flexibility and supports the balance between work and personal life.

We also offer various workspaces - from quiet meeting rooms to silent boxes.

Hybrid working

3 cubes with the symbols: telephone, mail & e-mail3 cubes with the symbols: telephone, mail & e-mail

People don't just have different personalities. They also have different needs and ideas. That's why we offer a hybrid working environment that enables mobile, flexible and home office work without sacrificing personal contact and social interaction.

Dealing with Corona

Corona virusCorona virus

thyssenkrupp fully supports the measures taken by the national and regional authorities. As a rule, we expressly ask all employees working in administrative areas to take advantage of the wide range of home office options offered by our corporate group and to work from home.

We offer COVID vaccinations through our local company doctors at many locations. The offer is voluntary and is extended to local employees.

Showtime: These are our Automotive Technology Business Units

Our eight business units focus on the production and assembly of high-performance components for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Our digital service carValoo is a cloud-based IoT platform that collects data in the vehicle and converts it into value-adding information. Dive into the world of the business units and get an idea of what we offer at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology.

Our Automotive Technology portfolio film

Automotive Technology portfolio movie

Automotive Technology – worldwide!

We are represented in 18 countries with over 90 locations worldwide. Our technologies and our international reach make us one of the leading suppliers and engineering partners to the international automotive industry.

You can find our locations here.

 Employee with VR glasses in the production hall

Whether you apply to thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology as a specialist with technical or commercial qualifications, as an engineer or as a manager with a business background who would like to take on responsibility, you can expect attractive tasks in a cooperative environment, numerous pathways for your further development and the support of an internationally successful technology group.

Find your place – in the thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology team! On our global job board you can match your professional experience with a wide range of professional challenges. Get the job that suits you best!

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Graduate recruitment: As a university graduate, we offer you an innovative environment in which you can develop your talents and make a career for yourself. Whether you join us under a trainee program or directly, we will accompany you from the very start.

Direct entry: Application to thyssenkrupp

Employee in production

College has provided you with a solid theoretical foundation – now it's time to take responsibility and start your professional future. Do you want to deepen the knowledge you have gained as quickly as possible and develop your professional skills over the next few years? Then direct entry to thyssenkrupp Automotive is just the thing for you! Of course, new employees receive a detailed systematic introduction to our product universe as well as to the processes and structures of our company. In this way, we integrate you into our team and help you to develop your potential in an optimal manner.

Trainees and trainee program at thyssenkrupp

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An all-round view of the field. If you are fresh out of university, many doors are open to you. One of the most interesting and exciting is the trainee program.

The 15-month trainee program is individually tailored to your personality and special skills as well as to your future positions. In this way, you will be optimally prepared for your tasks within the company group.

The special feature: You not only discover the many facets of your functional area, but also gain valuable insights into the interfaces. As a result, you will become a competent all-rounder, capable of showing initiative quickly and will soon be able to take on responsibility. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to spend approximately six to twelve weeks abroad, giving you the opportunity to expand your intercultural and language skills, to encounter foreign cultures and to operate successfully within them.

What do direct entry and the trainee program have in common? As in all areas of thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology, you can expect attractive tasks that you will master as part of a team.

So join us, an international automotive supplier, after graduation and become a sought-after participant in attractive projects from day one. How? It's easy: Choose your preferred field from the entry-level positions on our global job board and apply for a promising and varied future.

Get a glimpse of the working world in an internship, start your future career as a working student or enhance your thesis with specific practical experience. It's your choice.

Internship / Working student activity

Working student at thyssenkrupp

Gain first insights

An internship at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology gives you the chance to check what you have learned against real facts and apply it in new contexts. You will experience our specialists and managers in their daily work, contribute your knowledge, skills and personality, and make interesting contacts. In addition to workshop internships (8 weeks), we also offer internships during your studies. As a rule, you should plan on 3 – 6 months for an internship with us (except for workshop internships). After completing a successful internship, you have the opportunity to continue working with us on a part-time basis during your studies. In addition to commitment, motivation and curiosity, you should display enthusiasm for teamwork. A prerequisite for employment as an intern or working student is a valid confirmation of enrolment from your university.

Final thesis: Mentored students at thyssenkrupp


Do you want to complete your studies with a thesis on a topic with practical relevance, gain insight into a renowned company and also make contacts for your career entry? Excellent, we can offer you competent support. Whether you are writing your bachelor's, master's or diploma thesis, you can play an active role at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology, especially in the areas of technology, research and development. Surprise your professors with unique insights. And become an expert yourself.

Do you already have a topic? Then talk to us or apply directly with your topic suggestion via our initiative pool.

You can find the professional requirements as well as the internship conditions in the respective advertisements or by contacting the specified contact person.

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An apprenticeship  is the solid basis for a career

Apprentices at thyssenkrupp

We offer you a sound, practice-oriented training in many apprenticeships.

Most of our apprentices remain with our company after their apprenticeship and have a wide range of opportunities to qualify for further attractive tasks in our company through in-service training measures.

Take a look at our global job board and find the right apprenticeship for you in your area!

To the global job board

On our job board you can find out about vacant positions on a daily basis. Simply select your entry level, your operational area and the desired location – and you can see all the jobs available at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology at a glance! You can conveniently save interesting jobs for up to one week. With our job map we show you jobs in your area – even on the go, because our job board is optimized for your smartphone. Additional filters help you narrow down your search.

There are several ways to apply at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology. The fastest way is via our online applicant management system. The advantages: We can respond to your application promptly – and you save time and money. Start the online application process by clicking on the corresponding button in the job advertisement of your choice. Once you have created your covering letter and resume, it will take no more than 10 minutes at the most to complete the application form.

Please note our privacy policy when applying via the online form.

1. A good application usually includes the following documents

  • Cover letter, resume and proof of the highest educational qualification

  • If available: job references and relevant further education certificates

  • List of attachments – for a large number of documents

2. Your meaningful cover letter

Take the time to introduce yourself! In your cover letter, give us a brief impression of who you are and what motivates you: What job are you applying for? Why are you interested in this job? Why are you particularly suitable for this position?

The cover letter should complement the information in the resume and not simply repeat it. This is your chance to tell us more about yourself, fill in any gaps and tell us where your interests lie.

Here are some tips on how to compose an appealing cover letter:

  • Elaborate on one or two key points from your resume.

  • Focus on addressing the following questions:

    • 1. Why are you interested in this position?

    • 2. How do you qualify for this position?

    • 3. Why should you be hired?

  • Adapt your letter to the position or program you are applying for and double check that the names and positions are correct.

3. Your current resume

  • Present the resume in tabular form.

  • Start with your most recent activity.

  • Limit yourself to a few meaningful sub-points for each item.

  • Use a common format and an easy-to-read font, such as Arial or Times New Roman.

  • Try to limit your resume to 1 – 2 pages.

  • Avoid gaps in your resume and have an explanation ready.

  • Limit yourself to relevant information.

4. Make sure you comply with standards!

  • Carefully check your documents for formulation and spelling mistakes.

  • Make sure documents have a clear structure and are easy to read.

  • Make sure that copies are of good quality and sorted in reverse chronological order.

  • Adhere to the usual rules for written correspondence (for example, paragraphs, line spacing, font sizes).

  • For online and email applications, only attach files that can be opened on any standard computer. Ideally, you should convert all Word documents into PDF documents before sending them. They should not exceed 5 MB in size.

5. Make yourself interesting

  • Mention relevant hobbies or personal interests in your resume.

  • In your cover letter, inspire the reader to want to learn more about you.

  • Focus on the essentials. Don't overwhelm the reader with too much detail.

  • Tell us why your involvement in the company should be valuable to us.

  • Offer us points of contact for an interview.

6. Be unique!

On social media you divulge information about your life, views and personality. Depending on the posts, this can be good or bad for your job search. Our tip: Use these platforms specifically for self-marketing! Because Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook and others can help to attract the attention of potential employers and contacts to you in a positive way.

Do you travel a lot, are you passionate about chess or do you analyze the stock market in your spare time? Great! Do you have a soft spot for math, languages or IT? All the better! Share your strengths and interests with the world – in the form of posts, comments and virtual resumes. Use LinkedIn or Xing, for example, to make your professional qualifications public.

Engage in networking! The more you network with other users, the easier you are to find on the World Wide Web. Keep making contacts – professional and personal – and connect with people all over the world. LinkedIn and Xing offer you the fabulous opportunity to connect in a professional environment with users from a wide variety of industries and fields. Perhaps even with a potential employer.

What happens after you apply?

When reviewing your application, our recruiters follow a clearly structured process. This depends, among other things, on whether you are applying for a vacancy or on your own initiative. Here is a brief overview of what happens after you submit your application:

As soon as your application has been received you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Once this has happened, please be patient! Because we will process your application with the same care that you took when preparing it. The entire application process – from the first contact to the hopefully positive news for you – takes on average between six and eight weeks.

The telephone interview or job interview:

Your application has aroused our interest: Now we would like to get to know you personally and find out more about you, your background and the reasons for your application. The telephone/job interview is an opportunity for you to get a clear picture of our company and the job you are interested in. You should bear the following in mind:

  • Introduce yourself and show us that you have the right professional and personal skills for "your" job! Convince us with your qualifications and knowledge of the industry as well as current developments and trends!

  • Good preparation will give you confidence. You should be able to answer questions about your resume (including any phases that need explaining), your strengths and weaknesses, and the reasons for your application.

  • With your all-round coherent, professional appearance you underline that you are well suited for the job. This also includes punctuality and appropriate clothing. Inform yourself in good time about the journey, travel time, parking facilities and locations.



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