Digital Transformation and Digitization

Digitization of development and production operations in a high-tech automotive company

Digitization of development and production operations in a high-tech automotive company

The digitization of the development and production of high-tech products represents one of the greatest sources of potential for value creation of our time. For thyssenkrupp Steering, the transformation into a data-driven industrial enterprise is a core element of its corporate strategy, in the interests of which data points from all areas of the company's business activities – market research, basic development, customer project management, production, supply chain, finance, and many more – are linked together.

Under this approach, the stringent demands on safety-critical products and the high performance standards required in the automotive industry are leading to extremely large volumes of product and process-related data, which in turn create virtually unlimited potential for data science, robot process automation and artificial intelligence. Specific starting points in this context include, for example, the use of artificial intelligence for detecting anomalies in production or the automated determination of the carbon footprint of supply chains with real-time data, for which reason digitization skills are fostered and called for in all disciplines and at all levels.

Thanks to my teammates' helpfulness and extensive know-how, I was able to learn an incredible amount of new things in the course of my internship. I was also given the opportunity to delve into a wide variety of topics and directly gain relevant practical knowledge through various projects.

Fabian, intern in the central digitalization team at thyssenkrupp Steering

thyssenkrupp Steering's digital vision

Before developing strategies and implementing measures, the organization should first have a concrete, common concept of the envisaged digitized company. The digitization and transformation activities at thyssenkrupp Steering are consistently geared to the following digital visions.

The work at thyssenkrupp Steering smoothened out my transition from the theoretical side of my studies to software development practice. In the young and communicative team, I was able to benefit greatly from the experienced developers and at the same time had a lot of freedom to try new things.

Sascha, Student trainee in the central digitization team at thyssenkrupp Steering

Specific examples of digitization and digital transformation at thyssenkrupp Steering

thyssenkrupp Steering has already taken a number of specific steps toward realizing its digital visions. The company's digital community has in particular an increasingly mature infrastructure at its disposal, enabling its members to focus fully on creating new, value-adding solutions. The following text contains some examples of how digitization and the digital transformation are being handled at thyssenkrupp Steering:

As a newbie, the journey from the first lesson to the first app was not always easy. I am extremely proud that I managed it and even got to enjoy coding in the end. Many thanks to the team who made sure that each and every step was challenging but still manageable for me.

Anzhela, Long-time employee and new digital citizen in Operations Controlling at thyssenkrupp Steering