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thyssenkrupp autonomous driving

The future of mobility

We bring autonomous driving safely to the road

Highly automated driving is already a reality today. The way to autonomous driving lies ahead. This trend will fundamentally change our approach to mobility. As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we accompany our customers along this development path. As suspension experts, we are particularly concerned with the question of how we can translate the world of electrical impulses and digital information into safe and comfortable driving. With new products, such as steer-by-wire or software solutions for integrated chassis control, we find answers to this question. Learn more about these technologies and how they will change the way we drive in the future.


Can you steer a car like an airplane? Without mechanical connection between steering wheel and the wheels on the road? Only with electrical signals via a data cable? Our chassis experts deal exactly with these questions and develop steer-by-wire systems. In highly automated vehicles, steer-by-wire provides new driving dynamics that allow you to personalize your personal steering feel. In addition, steer-by-wire systems create completely new options for the design of the vehicle interior, while the static connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear is eliminated. So it becomes possible to stow the steering wheel in the cockpit in autonomous driving mode. Learn more about the opportunities of steer by wire

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Alternative steering functions

Safety is a top priority in highly automated driving. What happens if the software fails and there is no mechanical level left to intervene manually? For this case, our chassis experts develop so-called fail-safe concepts, which operate without the installation of complex double control systems. They rely on already existing chassis actuators of the vehicle, which take over if a subsystem fails. Learn more about the development of such intelligent security concepts.

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Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control

Highly automated or autonomous vehicles need many eyes. Laser, radar, GPS and a lot of sensors and cameras take over this task and record all environmental factors. This information is currently being processed at various interfaces in the car, which tell each subsystem - such as brake, damping, steering or drive train - what it has to do. This is where our software experts come in and develop an integrated motion control unit which controls centrally the actuators of the individual components. The results are significantly improved driving dynamics, new safety concepts and the individualization of the whole driving experience. Find out more about Vehicle Motion Control from thyssenkrupp:

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IVDC: Cooperation with IBM

Even after passing our driving test, we humans are getting more and more experienced and confident with our cars. But can my vehicle also optimize its driving style? Yes - thanks to artificial intelligence. Together with IBM, thyssenkrupp is researching how the car can learn.

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