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thyssenkrupp InCar®plus

Travel with us into the automotive future

The automotive industry is experiencing an upheaval: fuels are becoming more expensive, resources fewer. At the same time, mobility is increasing in the emerging countries. And climate protection plays a central role. We have to develop technologies that are efficient and sustainable.

With thyssenkrupp InCar®plus we want to help our customers overcome these great challenges. thyssenkrupp InCar®plus makes a huge contribution to automotive efficiency. More than 40 innovative solutions in the drive and vehicle body areas as well as in suspension and steering are setting benchmarks for lightweight construction, electrification and energy efficiency as well as safety and comfort.

And environmentally sound solutions are the focus here. Whether it’s weight, cost-effectiveness, sustainability or functionality: each of our InCar®plus innovations will exceed today’s state-of-the-art technology in at least one of these areas. In terms of weight, InCar®plus solutions indicate potential savings of up to 60 percent; in terms of costs, up to 10 percent.