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Supplier management

Technical description

Supplier management consists of the close cooperation between thyssenkrupp and its suppliers. This means developing the framework conditions for just-in-time delivery of components by the supplier that meets scheduling and quality requirements as well as implementing those conditions for series production. Including here are the cross-company IT processes. Supplier management that functions well forms the foundation for lean, efficient logistics processes and small inventories.

Logistics planning and pre logistics

Technical description

Pre-logistics includes transportation network planning, integration on the IT side and physical integration of the purchased parts suppliers as well as container logistics.

To realize an error-free and efficient sequence production, thyssenkrupp supply chain management relies on the development of new supply concepts. These help achieve the greatest supply capacity with optimum cost structures.

Internal company logistics and inbound logistics

Technical description

Internal company logistics include the logistics processes from the incoming goods area to the outgoing goods area. Here, the logistics process can be focused in the forward direction (from the end of the line to finished part shipping) or backwards (from the work cycle to supplying the line, storage processes and on to the incoming goods process). Supply chain management is responsible for this concept. To guarantee a smooth process flow, lean principles must be followed rigorously.

Packaging planning and shipping logistics

Technical description

Individual customer requirements supply the specifications for the shipping process. Our supply chain management develops customized concepts and, by request, offers industrialization up to Point of fit.