Presta Sequential SlideCam (PSSC) ® – The evolution of the valve train!

Assembled camshafts by thyssenkrupp have been proving themselves with exceptional performance for over 20 years. The desire of automotive manufacturers for a wide range of valvetrain strategies is realized with our sliding cam technology, which is operated in several engine platforms since over ten years.

Our sliding cam technology is characterized by mechanical robustness and cycle-true operation.

Martin van der Schaar, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Sliding cam systems currently available on the market require one or two actuators for each sliding element, which have to be mounted close to the camshaft. However, the system is often not used because the necessary conditions for implementation are not available or do not outweigh the functional added value from an economic point of view. Keeping the advantages of the conventional sliding cam technology, a new approach from thyssenkrupp has been developed to control the sliding cam elements linking multiple cylinders using a single actuator.

Functionality and operating principle of the Presta Sequential SlideCam (PSSC) ® briefly explained:

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Advantages of PSSC® technology at a glance:

  • Reduction of the system weight

  • Only one actuator for each camshaft required

  • Saving of cables and seals

  • Less space requirements (system can be installed under a blowby separator)

  • Implementation in various cylinder head architectures possible

  • The system is ready for the application in your engine

Design and components of the PSSC®: