Conventional valve train

Assembled camshafts

Technical description

The camshaft controls the charge change in the combustion engine. By implementing this as a multi-part component, it is possible to use the optimum material in the right place and reduce the weight. All components connected securely through proven technology.

Customer benefits / unique selling propositions

  • Reduced weight compared to solid material

  • Cost advantage through mature process technology

  • Mounting of needle bearings possible

  • Flexible design thanks to modular construction

  • Use of material suitable for application and reduced need for materials  through built execution

  • Secure connection of the components with the fundamental shaft

Cylinder head cover module

Technical description

The camshafts are assembled inside of closed module hoods or bearing frames  to reduce assembling and handling effort. The advantages of  the targeted material use remains, tribological and mechanical properties are improved.

Customer benefits/unique selling propositions

  • Reduced handling and assembling effort

  • Improved rigidity in the camshaft bearings

  • Closed bearings for optimum hydrodynamic support

  • Completely preassembled assembly with add-on parts such as sensors and control valves

  • Reduced required materials due to elimination of screw fittings

  • Cost reduction through simplified assembling and logistics