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Variable valve train

Presta Sequential SlideCam®

Technical description

The Presta Sequential SlideCam® - System is an innovative variable Valve lift switching for modern combustion engines. The system enables the adjustment of the combustion engine to several operating and ensures that efficiency is optimized in a wide range of driving situations.

Customer benefits/unique selling propositions

  • Only one actuator per camshaft necessary

  • Mechanical stroke switching of the cams of several cylinders during one camshaft revolution.

  • Reduction of system weight

  • Reduction of installation space requirements

  • Savings in plug-in contacts, cables and seals

  • Implementation possible in various cylinder head architectures

Camshafts and modules with stroke variability

Technical description

A variable valvetrain system increases efficiency of the internal combustion engine in wide map ranges. The axially displaceable cam packs are actuated by an electric actuator and switch reliably within one motor revolution.

Customer benefits / unique selling propositions

  • Mechanical stroke changeover of the valves by override control

  • Individual cylinder control by electromechanical actuator

  • Application-appropriate material use and reduced required materials due to assembled design

  • Secure cam positioning in end position by locking