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Innovation Garage

Innovation Garage

The days when innovation was the exclusive preserve of research labs at big corporations are long gone. Nowadays, innovations are increasingly generated in small start-ups and go on from there to conquer the world.

Digital networks are accelerating this process. New technologies now spring up practically overnight to challenge existing solutions. Digitization is creating new products, changing user habits, and revolutionizing production processes. The boundaries of possibility are being pushed back. New business models are being created which are changing entire industries and challenging the previous rules of competition.

How do companies need to organize themselves today to help proactively shape these changes? The answer to this question is in the minds of their employees. It is their innovativeness that will decide the business of the future. For this they need the freedom to break with old habits and try out new ways of thinking. Invention needs to be reinvented on a daily basis.

And that’s exactly what thyssenkrupp’s Innovation Garage is all about.