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Framing Systems

Framing systems – intelligent masterpieces

Body framing means joining and welding of roof and side panels to the underbody. Here we are talking about the core of Car body production. There are essentially three issues which we, together with our customers, need to resolve every time: variable production of a wide range of models of different dimensions while ensuring short cycle times. This is a challenge to make our engineering heart beat faster, especially in terms of this kind of combination.


We have developed a geometry box as a base, allowing us to guarantee a stable and reproducible process. This box constitutes a closed tube frame system to accommodate the required mating forces. The clamping frames of the components are docked here.

Single framing, multi-framing, robot framing



Single framing is suited for the production of one vehicle type. This is a cost-effective solution which can also be extended to suit a second and third model type. The modularity of the system allows it.

Multi-framing, on the other hand, is equipped to suit a variety of vehicle types. Our Geobox is the central element here, allowing flexible feed-in of components and offering robots easy access. The Geobox is also easy to service. What is most fascinating is the number of derivative models which can be produced with a multi-framing system, independent of cycle time.

Robot framing for two to four vehicle types is a compact solution which is flexible and cost-effective. Types may be integrated phase by phase and the cycle time in this system is determined by the exchange of clamping frames.