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Product and process oriented hemming

thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions offers the optimal hemming method for every product and process. Depending on component size and line cycle time, we are talking tabletop, roller hemming or special hemming systems. Especially the combination of different processes, i.e. hybrid hemming, constitutes one of the most efficient technologies for technical and economic optimization of the process.

Tabletop hemming for volume models in medium to high quantities


We use tabletop hemming especially for volume models with medium to high quantities, achieving process times of up to 15 seconds. Our systems are also compact, cost-effective and highly accessible to facilitate loading and unloading. We have furthermore developed our own blank holder concept.

Tabletop hemming allows hemming of a variety of materials, from high strength steels to aluminum, with high process reliability. We can also process complicated component geometries. The closed ring hemming principle guarantees optimal component quality.

Roller hemming – a particularly flexible solution to the manufacture of add-on parts

Robot or roller hemming constitutes a particularly flexible solution to the production of add-on parts. In several processing steps, the roller hemming head bends the flange of the external shell over the inner, or reinforcing, sheet. This technology allows cost-effective manufacture of components, even in small quantities.

Roller hemming is especially convincing in combination with tabletop hemming.