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LCA Part Feeding Systems

Automatisms for optimal process flow

LCA stands for Lean Clever Automation, i.e. provisioning of many small automatisms supporting process flow and optimally also saving energy. At thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions this means: Using LCA systems to introduce individual components into a manufacturing plant, independent of the cycle.

LCA Part Feeding Systems

To save energy, we utilize gravitation for conveyance of components, free of charge. In most cases, this renders additional drive energy superfluous. LCA systems replace complex and failure-prone past technology with uncomplicated and robust feeding systems.

Our product range includes three different LCA types: roller conveyor, pallet roller conveyor and drawers. On the roller conveyor, the components roll down an incline to the removal point where they are presented to the subsequent manufacturing process one by one.

On the pallet roller conveyor, the component pallets slide to the removal point down an incline. After a pallet has been emptied by a robot it is lowered and rolls back down an inclined ramp to receive new components.

With the third LCA system, workers position the components in drawers or trolleys and manually slide them into the manufacturing plant.

We offer the entire LCA process chain: from the test set-up via a light model for simulation up to construction of the systems.

80% of our LCA systems are standard modular components. Various LCA systems may be flexibly combined and are thus re-usable. Service and maintenance are reduced to a minimum since wear and tear is minor. We can integrate changes to individual components without a problem and cost-effectively.