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Full-service supplier

Full-service supplier

As a full-service supplier, we are a competent partner all the way through from the development of the product to its series production and beyond. All areas of the process chain are occupied by highly qualified contract partners. Our companies are continuously searching for innovations in their processes and products, in order to increase long-term competitiveness, and to anticipate trends through the provision of economically attractive and technically feasible solutions.

Coordinated production lines for crankshafts and connecting rods at our international locations ensure reliable deliveries and high-quality products.
The use of state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of automation ensure short lead times and retooling times.

Tool production

Tool production
  • Technologies
  • CAD
  • CAM
  • CNC milling
  • EDM
  • Polishing
  • In-house production of custom tools


  • Multiple forging lines worldwide with different configurations and press forces for crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, chassis and gear unit parts, forged components for many high-performance applications

  • The fastest and most efficient forging line in the world for passenger car crankshafts

  • The most state-of-the-art forging line in the world for truck crankshafts


  • Machining lines with different configurations for light-duty, mid-range, heavy-duty and “above truck-size” crankshafts, and with corresponding flexibility for non-automotive applications

  • Machining lines for connecting rods in different configurations for light-duty, mid-range and heavy-duty engines

  • Machining lines for chassis components

Global logistics network

Global logistics network

We have production facilities on four continents, which work together in an integrated manner to supply reliable and high-quality products. Our facilities are located where they are needed: in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. For this reason, our production division is closely linked to our customer business, offering just-in-time deliveries, and capabilities for adapting to specific customer requirements.



Aspiring to the highest levels of quality in order to exceed customer requirements is part of our corporate culture. This begins with the selection of suppliers and strict test procedures for incoming materials, and includes continuous monitoring during the production process. From the initial design concept all the way through to series production, every part receives our undivided attention: Our aim is to completely fulfill customer requirements at all times, and to exceed them in the future.

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