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The exterior shell of a car body must be perfect, and after paint any unevenness is directly visible.  We therefore like to talk of the "absolute ultimate in car body production.  Dies must be constructed in that way , to guarantee this high level of manufacturing quality even in volume production. This quality can only be achieved with high level expertise.

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thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions covers the needs for the entire spectrum of prototype body construction. The entire process chain can be handled or implemented at a single location – from engineering, to forming dies, parts manufacturing, to fixtures and assemblies, even the build and retrofit of a complete body.

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Body in White

In terms of Body in White plants our product portfolio covers a broad range of services, which includes the manufacture of Body in White lines ranging from joining of individual parts via subassemblies to the assembly of complete car bodies and hang on parts.

Our body framing solutions range from single framers for only one model to multi framers for a multi vehicle types, while our portfolio also includes highly flexible robot framing systems.

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Standardized Solutions

Many years of experience have produced solutions that have proven themselves in numerous processes and with many partners in the automotive industry. Our solutions become the standard when a conceptual idea has taken shape in completed projects and through constant refinement. Standard solutions must fulfill their specific demands at the highest level while also remaining sufficiently flexible to allow fully  integration into our customers' manufacturing environment.

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Thorsten Körbs

Head of Product Area Project Business

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