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During the development and production of system solutions for the automotive industry, module assembly plays a central role. In close cooperation with the suppliers for assembly technology, economically attractive solutions are designed, delivering maximum levels of process reliability and flexibility in the assembly of numerous variants.

Efficiently and ergonomically designed workflows, combined with in-process monitoring, ensure that the highest quality requirements are fulfilled. To this end, all process parameters are recorded and checked directly in the assembly process, and form the basis on which clearance is given for the further work stages. Thanks to vehicle-specific archiving, analyses are available at any time.

Management system

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems coordinates all activities, from the development of the assembly technology and the design of the business processes and logistics to the implementation of projects by Group companies, directly at the location of the customer.

All thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems Locations are globally certified under ITAF 16949 and ISO14001.

Environmental protection and occupational safety

For all services of thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems, the implementation of an effective quality and environmental management system is a key task of the executive management, and an obligation for all employees of the company.

Because of the nature of the products and processes, an effective and integrated quality and environmental management system (IMS) is an indispensable prerequisite for conducting business. Every employee of the company is required to contribute to the continuous optimization and improvement of our management system, and of our processes, products and services.

Supply Chain Management

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems produces and supplies undercarriage systems in keeping with customer takt time. Synchronizing deliveries with the sequence of the customer’s production places the highest demands on systems and processes. As a just-in-sequence (JIS) supplier, thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems operates in the supreme discipline of automotive logistics. The shortest control times, from the start of manufacturing to the installation of the systems at the facilities of the customer, require the highest degree of precision.

In order to implement error-free and efficient sequence manufacturing, the supply chain management of thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems relies on the development of innovative supply concepts, combining maximum reliability with optimal cost structures.

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