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Standardized Solutions & Service

Standards at the highest level

Many years of experience have produced instruments that have proven themselves in numerous processes and with many partners in the automotive industry. Our solutions become the standard when a conceptual idea has taken shape in completed projects and through constant refinement. Standard solutions must fulfill their specific demands at the highest level while also remaining sufficiently flexible to allow hassle-free integration into our customers' manufacturing environment.


Continuous further development

The flexcell is the optimal modular system for a variety of production and application tasks, such as spot welding, MIG/MAG welding, robot hemming and screwing. The modular system can be entered into operation quickly on site, is flexible extendable , can be moved physically within a short time, and saves resources– and the engineering comes from a single source. Too good to be true?
Certainly not - because all of these issues are in our customer’s requirement specifications. That is the reason we developed the flexcell the same way.

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We offer the optimal hemming method for every product and process. Depending on component size and line cycle time, we are talking tabletop, roller hemming or special hemming systems. Especially the combination of different processes, i.e. hybrid hemming, constitutes one of the most efficient technologies for technical and economic optimization of the process.

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Laser Technologies

Modern joining methods for body in white.
Laser welding and laser brazing are highly flexible joining processes in body in white. We implement this technology in respective project phase.

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LCA Part Feeding Systems

Automatisms for optimal process flow. LCA stands for Lean Clever Automation, i.e. provisioning of many small automatisms supporting process flow and optimally also saving energy. At thyssenkrupp System Engineering this means: Using LCA systems to introduce individual components into a manufacturing plant, independent of the cycle.

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Laser Clamp Head LSK

One head, many capabilities. Looking to reduce vehicle weight, improve bodywork rigidity or optimize the passive safety of vehicles? – laser welding provides the solution. We at thyssenkrupp System Engineering build compact and flexible bodywork laser welding systems. We are going one step further with the development of the laser grip head – it welds aluminum as well as zinc-plated and ultra high strength bodywork sheet metal, thus extending the application range of the procedure.

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Seal Application

For the seal to last.
Seals are an important quality criterion in automobile construction. Seals of many shapes and forms may be found on doors and hatches, also on panorama sliding roofs. This means that the length of a seal must be specifically adjusted and the seal correspondingly fitted. thyssenkrupp System Engineering is a globally active system partner for the application of pliable components. Our engineers have for more than twenty years been working on new solutions offering more efficient and flexible assembly.

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3D Laser Scanning

Measurement without disruption of business. Our 3D laser scanning is a modern imaging process for fast and accurate 3D measurement. It can be universally applied: In plant engineering for example, the laser scanner captures the manufacturing plants and their environment prior to any relocation/alteration. Our internal and external customers use the scanned data to create as-completed drawings and to plan alterations and extensions. Foundation drawings are often derived from the scanned data, which form the basis for the layout of downstream projects.

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Framing Systems

Body framing means joining and welding of roof and side panels to the underbody. Here we are talking about the core of Car body production. There are essentially three issues which we, together with our customers, need to resolve every time: variable production of a wide range of models of different dimensions while ensuring short cycle times. This is a challenge to make our engineering heart beat faster, especially in terms of this kind of combination.

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Marriage System

The installation of the drive train is one of the most demanding tasks in automobile production, because the body and chassis are being connected. So called marriage lines are responsible to that process step – they are the interface between car body build and powertrain assembly.

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Panel hang-on line

Generally Car Body construction consists of several welding cells and one main production line. Hundreds of single parts made of steel and aluminum are being joined together step by step. Within the separate areas, single parts are first joined into subassemblies, such as hoods and side panels. These components are then being joined together in the main line to the Body in.

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