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Shock absorbers


The complete BILSTEIN product range for all requirements

The shock absorber – or more precisely the vibration damper – has the task of absorbing the vertical vibrations of the body structure and wheels. Together with the suspension, vibration dampers ensure good roadholding for vehicles.

The design and coordination of suspension and shock absorbers always represent a compromise – between driving comfort, driving safety, and agility. Ultimately, the drivers of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans, sports cars or even racecars, have very different expectations of the respective chassis.

As a shock absorber specialist, we supply the right systems for each of these requirements, from our complete product range of shock absorbers, ranging from monotube/twin-tube gas pressure shock absorbers to complete pneumatic spring systems and adjustable shock absorbers.

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Global expertise for optimal chassis tuning

Global expertise for optimal chassis tuning

As an active partner of the automotive industry, we are always present when new developments are being devised and strategies implemented. In the process, our customers have global access to the entire expertise of thyssenkrupp Damper.

With the BILSTEIN products, you can be certain of achieving the right chassis tuning balance between driving comfort and driving safety.

As an innovative shock absorber specialist, we supply you with the complete product range of shock absorbers, from monotube/twin-tube shock absorbers to complete pneumatic spring systems and adjustable shock absorbers. We develop the right shock absorber system for any occasion.

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Uncompromisingly customer-oriented

Uncompromisingly customer-oriented

The continuous improvement of customer relationships and the optimal fulfillment of customer requests are the basic requirements for long-term customer loyalty.

The importance of customer-oriented service provision has significantly increased in recent years. Top provider performance and excellent customer support are the decisive success factors for competitive advantages in sales.

Qualifications, flexibility, standardization and process-orientation in sales significantly contribute to the consistent focus on value-adding activities, and thus to increasing customer orientation, raising efficiency and performance.

The continuous optimization of our processes and steady increase in the qualification of our sales employees are our vision, and contribute to long-term economic success.

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