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Serial Production

Lightweight specialist for highest automobile performance

In the area of serial production, our customers will find the right partner for sophisticated and complex body structures and components including ready to paint car bodies. Our experts in serial production cover the entire spectrum from small batches in manual work to fully automated serial production, combined with extensive experience in the wide range of process technologies used in today's body construction, the thyssenkrupp Group's combined materials expertise and extensive experience in plant and tool making, coupled with the necessary quality methods and control loops to meet customer requirements. All common materials of modern lightweight construction are processed to meet the requirements of our customers' most diverse vehicle concepts.

Serial Production

The serial production at Mühlacker plant

In addition to the series production of complete paint-ready aluminum steel and composite designs car bodies, our experts produce components made of aluminum steel structure and add-on parts in.

We intensively address the requirement for more lightweight materials. In cooperation with the TCCC (thyssenkrupp Center Carbon) as well as universities and research institutions we have expanded the spectrum to the processing of composites (vacuum infusion, RTM, RTM-light), magnesium and hybrids.

We consistently explore new roads in forming technology, and are leaders in the field of hydroforming, high-pressure metal forming of sheet metals, tubes and profiles with active liquid media. Our goal is to produce components with a complex geometry in only one metalworking step. The cost benefits are enormous.

Simultaneous Engineering

Continuous further development

Simultaneous engineering is often used when it comes to project-based interface coordination and parallelization of all product and production design processes from product idea to market launch. Especially in the development of new products, Simultaneous Engineering achieves the greatest potentials. thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions offers its customers many years of experience in simultaneous engineering for all essential components of the car body process chains up to plant design.



The hydroforming process is an integral part of body production, whether it involves parts or tools. Our engineers at thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions are constantly developing new processes in this discipline. Important prospects are offered by hydroforming of hollow sections. Here, forming works by applying pressure to the component in a targeted manner. Even the smallest bending radii are already feasible for our engineers. To this end, they use innovative bending processes developed in-house.

Structural Components

Front end, rear end, main floor or entire substructures - no matter what structural component you need, we can supply it. We also focus on projects for fully electric vehicles, especially the production of battery trays. We rely on our company's wealth of experience in planning, production and commissioning.

Outer Skin Panels

From hoods to fenders to doors - we offer the best solution for the customer for every requirement in the field of outer skin panels. Our goal is clearly defined: Ensuring the highest quality at all times. We work closely with our in-house tooling experts to achieve the best results for our customers as a team.

Body in White

Build complete bodies made of aluminum and composite construction - manually, partially automated and fully automated: This is  our strength, because we combine all competences from the first idea, through planning, to series production at thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions. Whether prototype construction, tool construction, plant engineering or the use of our standard products for e.g. hemming; we implement all this experience in series production and all of that from one source! We are especially proud to supply the ready-to-paint aluminum body of the AMG GT and to be a part of the success story.


With our manufacturing expertise, we breathe new life into your derivative. We offer the same expertise both in the production of small series and in the assembly of racing cars in motorsports, including the installation of rollover protection. The focus is always on quality, innovations and the claim to meet customer requirements flexibly and at any time. Of course, we are also DMBS certified.